Upcoming Interviews – Update – Interview #7 & #8

After a long hiatus of not doing interviews through Skype or Facebook messenger, it’s going to be broken this upcoming week with some pretty intriguing guests.

The first guest adding me on FB after a recent post on Gary Vee’s FB page.  She’s an entrepreneur, draws, and does a few other things while living in Colorado.

It just so happened that I saw her post about starting her own podcast; which brings me to another story of this girl who was very hesitant about starting a podcast back in 2015 – but now she would probably be in the 4-5 figure making range if she had done it.

Anyways, focusing on the interview.  I linked her up with one of my very first interviewees and now it’s time to to break her into the audio world.

The second interviewee is remarkably compelling.  He emailed me originally in the beginning of January, telling me if he could be on my podcast.  After doing research on the Telegraph and Business Insider, this Philadelphia company is going to use stem cell to bring already deceased brains back to life.  What could happen? Not exactly sure, but I have a doctor, who’s a student, helping me with some pretty good questions to ask him.

For what he’s already done (reversing diabetes and slowing down a few other diseases – http://www.businessinsider.com/bioquark-stem-cell-brain-dead-reversal-trial-2017-6)….this many by the name of Ira Pastor is on the verge of winning a Nobel Peace Prize.  If you guys have any questions you would like me to submit, please let me know!

March 2nd (7am Bangkok, Thailand Time) – Celina Celeste – Entrepreneur

March 9th (same time) – Ira Pastor of Bioquark.


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