How To Utilize & Become More Efficient

In the midst of wasting my time (for the moment) in terms of traveling to the other side of town just to teach one class, there has to be a way where I can get things done within that almost 1.5 hour commute.

Because I travel for ONLY three days a week now (thank god!), I figured out a way to use time to my advantage.

Leaving Home

So, what I just inherited today was wake-up around 5am.  If I toss and turn and my mind starts thinking about what to do first, I immediately go into a meditation.  The meditation app I use is by Glenn Harold and I’ve been using it for beautiful two years.  I do this for about 20-minutes (guided), and then I go into affirmations.  I always found myself never doing my grateful list, which are essentially affirmations, because I’m too busy doing something else.  So, going on YouTube and finding an affirmation video will do the job.  Then I take a pre-workout (if I’m going to do cardio) and hop in the shower after a glass of Aloe Vera.

After that portion of the morning, I either have a podcast already pre-recorded, or I do one after I do a little bit of cardio.  This is all before 7:45am (the time which I have to leave to arrive on the other side of town on time).  After my cardio yesterday morning, I hurried to make some eggs, had a yogurt and some strawberries.  I didn’t make my protein shake yesterday morning because I already had a decent breakfast.

My goal was to do a live audiocast on my Facebook page, but I failed.  I was supposed to do my Herbalife video, but I also failed.  I’m tweaking out a few things that distracted me along the way and I’ll be much better going forward.

Once I leave home at 7:45am, the goal is to get to the top of the platform of the skytrain within 15 minutes (normally takes 7 minutes) so I can avoid standing for a national anthem (ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m on grind mode).

When I get in the train, I upload everything to Instagram with links and send my podcast to specific individuals who may find it useful.  I reply to all emails, comments, instant messages and everything in general.  I shower positivity into the world by looking at Gary Vee and Lewis Howes posts, along with other Instagrammers who positive affirmations up.  Everything that could be done during commute, I get it done.  This is all done while standing.

Once I get into the minivan, which takes about 40-45 minutes to get to, I pull my laptop out and write out blogs for my podcasts in the coming days.  Anything that involves extensive writing, I get it done in the 30 minute commute to the other side of town.

Once I get there, I won’t start work for about 40 minutes, so I just sit in the supermarket and do any final touches on anything that needs to be handled in the morning.



If you’re not writing blogs, posting on Instagram, replying to emails, looking for new opportunities or anything – audio programs.  That’s right – podcasts, YouTuber channels of inspirational people, and things that are going to help you with life, are essential.

  • Have your audiocasts/podcasts ready to go for the next morning.
  • Get everything ready and lay your clothes the night before.
  • Know what you’re going to eat for breakfast.
  • Establish your body clock.


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