Gary Vee: Work – Part II

I talked a lot about time-management about two years ago, but it’s actually about managing your activities around time.  Time is infinite.

Look at it this way.  I’m actually more productive when I’m on a busy schedule.  On Mondays, I’m up at 5:15am and leaving home by 6am to join a class at 6:45.  After that, I head to a project and have 40 minutes of free-time, so I hurry up and get first things done first.  After that I have a thirty minute window to zoom over to another place to get things done.  Next, I have to see a couple more people before heading home.  During that time, my blog, instagram, podcast and youtube video are all uploaded.  I’m not rushing to put things together.  I told you guys a lot about how to utilize your time  in a podcast about a week ago.

“Do things! Create content daily. Biz-dev daily. Meet with two or three people per day who can get you awareness, distribution, or sales—somehow closer to your goals. DM people on Instagram with offers to collaborate”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

This has increased vastly in my area of podcasting.  Yes, I create content daily, and so does Gary Vee.  For example, he has a new YouTube video and podcast coming out on a daily basis.  Some people have podcasts come out every week.  I believe that it throws a curveball in the development of listeners.

Just recently I went on a podcast hiatus because I believed my mind wasn’t suitable for the mic at the time. It took only 2-hours to snap out of it, but I kept my word.  It was difficult, but I did lose a range of listeners over that span. It was also interesting to see if I had residual listeners who would come on and listen to my old episodes.  it worked a bit, but it was still lacking.

One of the things I took and put into action was messaging influencers on Instagram.  It was difficult, and some of the people I sent my episodes over to never responded, but I was able to get a follow at one time because of some tags on Instagram and she has a 20k following base on Instagram — and she’s also a host for a pretty popular radio show in Los Angeles.  I will actually be interviewing her tomorrow and I’m so excited for it, too.  That would’ve never happened if hadn’t posted daily affirmations on Instagram.




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