TOEIC: Text Completion #3

Dear Arsenio,


It was great to finally meet you in person on Tuesday.  I hope you enjoyed the wonderful lunch.  The food was amazing, wasn’t it? I’m excited about our company’s new _________________ campaign.  I think we will be able to sell lots supplements because of it.

a. advertising

b. advertised

c. advertiser

d. advertise

As you know, I will be training you via e-mail in the first couple of days.  I need to remind you that I will be in a completely different time zone than _________.

a. me

b. you

c. her

d. them

I’ll forward you a schedule of my travel itinerary for you to keep on file.  Also, Aiko may be able to answer some of your questions in case you can’t reach me.  She is our _____________ manager.

a. marketed

b. marketing

c. to market

d. for marketing

Anyhow, what I want to do first is go over the products with you.  There is a quiz that I want to give you.  You aren’t being marked on this quiz, and your score won’t affect your pay at all.  I just want an idea of where you’re at.

Welcome to the company.

Best regards,




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