Wheel of Life: March 2018 Edition – The Adventure Begins

Welcome back to another edition of the wheel of life, and having experienced a massive change (the biggest one in 3.5 years) in my life, where am I sitting at in each category, including physical environment? Moreover, how about you?

This is an exercise that’s designed to help you figure out what areas of your life you’re neglecting and if you have balance.  I mentioned recently that back in November of 2017, my life saw a significant drop in the physical environment and romantic relationships.  I didn’t necessarily know at the time, but then I reverted back to my manual and saw that it was two areas that I was completely discontent with. What did I do? Well, cut the loose baggage and decided to find another job, which I’ve done. Here are your categories to rate (hopefully will have a PDF ready to go by the end of the week for you guys).

Physical Environment

Personal Development

Romantic Relationships

Fun & Hobbies

Friends & Family




And here are my grades….


Physical Environment – 9.5

Ok, deadweight has been stripped off my shoulder.  There’s no more “there” and now I’ve officially moved on.  It was a remarkable run, but now it’s time to get better.  It’s a little difficult trying to find a place to fit in the world, but maybe it’s time for the world to fit in with me?  At my condo, it’s perfect.  It can’t get any better.  Now, I believe that there is a particular place I’m engaged with that’s becoming problematic, but I’m hardly ever there.  However, there’s a three week grace period that has been given to them.  Somebody needs to fess up and tell the truth, or that baggage is cut, too.

Personal Development – 9.5

The Napoleon Hill book has come to an end (full book review is coming), and a few other books are nearing completion.  I’ve learned so much, especially in the last month (Stephen Covey) about personal development.  My life continues to improve, vastly, as each day goes on.  I even know my body so much to the point that I know when my mind is “woke” in the morning without even looking at the clock.  Just waking up in the morning is utterly exciting now.  I’ve drilled myself with so many means of information from MindValley, to different YouTube channels with real advice.  I’m on it!

Romantic Relationships – 10 ——JOKE!

Flat zero. I’m ok with that.  I need someone to fit my life who has a schedule and can do their own thing while I’m doing my own thing.

Fun & Hobbies – 7

This has gone up considerably because I joined a gym class on week nights and a weekend morning.  I’ve met people from all over and have befriended some very positive folks.  I’m putting “fun” back into my schedule.  No more full-time jobs saying, “can you work from 10am-9pm.”  That’s such a bullshit schedule and I have no chance to do anything; no life whatsoever.  I took back control and it’s only going to skyrocket when I go to Malaysia.

Friends & Family – 3

Yeah, this is probably why i’m not feeling 100%. I officially cut off the person I went to visit last April in Arizona.  It’s a shame that people just don’t care, especially after all those years of investment.  Family has always been nothing.  So, what now? Always try meeting new people, of course! Now, I must say that it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it seem.  I met a lot of people at the gym recently and that’s a huge plus.  I still have my African friend who’s given me so much advice….so it’s surely not a three, but things happened and it’s time to get some positive people back in my life.

Career – 10

Maybe it’s time for me to by my own boss, as my student said in a recent message in terms of her entrepreneurial career. Yes, that’s what I’m doing right now.  However, in the meantime, it’s time for me to hustle.  I’m basically in charge of my own income right now and then is me officially being an entrepreneur.  There’s no more “job.”  If I don’t find work in the primary life, I’m in massive trouble.  Period.  This is why I’m now part-time.  Not only that, I’m developing an ESL podcast this moment, tests for my students on my YouTube channel, different health videos, writing my book, blogs everyday, doing podcast interviews, plugins, and so many things.  I need to become much more adamant with writing things down, too.  My career has taken off and it’s unbelievably EXCITING seeing what’s about to happen and what’s even happening now.

Wealth – 7

The bumps and bruises can possibly be here just for next month.  After that, I think I’ll be all right with getting residual income from multiple places.  I have a threshold I must exceed everyday in terms of how much I make a day.  If I get it, or even go over, I’m in the clear.  If I go terribly under, I’ll make up for it on another day.  If I can get the void filled on Saturday and pile on my Tuesday and Wednesday, all is well.

Health – 7

My joints have taken a beating.  I’ve been doing a Spartan class in preparation for a couple of upcoming races and it’s really taking a toll on my joints, unfortunately.  When did it all happen? Well, I stopped getting weekly/bi-weekly massages.  When I stopped, this wear and tear on my joints began.  So, how can I fix it? Massages!

Let me know what your scores are in the comments or message them to me anonymously!

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