TOEIC: Grammar – Verb Tenses Breakdown + PDF

Present Simple: walk, do, speak, come, eat, jump, catch

Past Simple: walked, did, spoke, came, ate, jump, caught

Past Participle: walked, done, spoken, come, eaten, jumped, caught

Present Continuous: walking, doing, speaking, coming, eating, jumping, catching

These tenses are pretty basic in general, but the TOEIC test is designed to confuse the hell out of you.  There are clues in the sentences that might be the “give-away” in terms of choosing the correct answer.

  • Time Markers – This time marking shows that something is happening now, in the past, tomorrow, yesterday, or even the for/since, which indicates the perfect tense (now, tomorrow, yesterday, next year, since, etc.).

-We discussed that issue at our meeting last week.

-I have dealt with his firm since 2002. 

  • Time Clauses – Time words could also be subordinating conjunctions such as before, after, when.  It tells something about the time when the action in the main clause occurs.

-We will send you a copy of the report as soon as it is ready. 

  • Stative Verbs – So the UK is funny in terms of labeling different verbs (stative), on the other hand, Americans are funny, too (intransitive, transitive), etc.  Anywho, stative verbs show the state: like, love, become, know, sound, understand, which are conditions, feelings, or mental processes rather than about actions.  They are normally not used with the continuous tenses.

-Now I understand what you mean.

-She seems very happy today.

  1. The trains always _________ on time, unlike the local train, which is always late.
  1. is arriving
  2. arrives
  3. has been arriving
  4. arrive

2) When the shipment _________, he will dispatch it to the proper department.

  1. will come in
  2. is coming in
  3. comes in
  4. is going to come in

3) Go ahead with the proposal, as long as everyone _________ that the goal is to improve upon last month’s event.

  1. is understanding
  2. understand
  3. will understand
  4. understands

4) Even before our researches analyzed the online customer reviews and ratings, we _________ to take on the client.

  1. has agreed
  2. agreed
  3. was agreed
  4. agrees

5) She _________ five years ago today; therefore, her request for a raise is definitely worth reviewing.

  1. is being promoted
  2. promoted
  3. was promoted
  4. has been promoted

6) Our newest franchise ____________ in two months, so we need to start hiring new employees.

  1. would open
  2. had opened
  3. will open
  4. has opened

7) The board reported that, even though we didn’t consult them first, it ________ a good decision to find a new director.

  1. was
  2. be
  3. is
  4. were

8) The survey indicated that profits are up by 10 % the first three quarters of this year; business ___________.

  1. is being good
  2. were good
  3. has been good
  4. good

9) As I sit here wondering how we will possibly get this project done on time, I __________ that you all have time to take a two-hour lunch break.

  1. cannot believe
  2. could not believe
  3. am not believing
  4. cannot be believing

10) By this time next year, the appearance of our reception area and front offices __________ greatly improved.

  1. is being
  2. is
  3. will be
  4. has been





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