Gary Vee: Attention – Do You Have You Consumers Glued In?

Look at it from the analytical standpoint.  Look up your YouTube analytics and see where the attention is.  For example, I always check out the statistics to my podcast on a daily basis.  I want to see what countries are listening to me.  So, it fluctuates worldwide and it’s also exciting.  Yes, America makes up a decent bulk, but a lot of attention in now coming from the UK and Hungary.  Also, South African nations.  On SoundCloud, the Middle East loves me with a good bulk of plays coming from Dubai.  Also, India, Jordan, Lebanon, and event the UK loves SoundCloud instead.

It’s important to know what platforms are popping and where to host your podcast because it’s a critical component to maximum exposure.  If you’re not uploading your podcasts on multiple platforms, you’re only using 5-10% of the availability out there.  I recently submitted my podcast to Spotify.  Once I get on there (and one of my students even mentioned it four months ago), I’m going to get everything on there.  Another prime example is having third-party hosts using your podcast and you not having to pay a monthly fee for it.  RSS Radio, which is a reputable radio host in the UK, started hosting my podcast for free and now I have listeners on there.  Another story would be iHeartRadio.  This, just like RSS, is a radio station app that’s used in America and Canada only.  They took up my podcast and my plays exploded.

Where is the attention right now in America? Cable T.V? It’s falling apart.  People are tuning to YouTube now, even for highlights of games.  Within ten years, Cable TV will completely vanish (in some countries) because we need to do multiple tasks, not just sitting in front of a TV.  On the other hand, podcasts have not come to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries yet, but when it does, GameOver.

If you look at the YouTube community, people are terrified at the fact that Will Smith is on YouTube – killing it.  However, this is how the game always been.  Will Smith isn’t going to snag subscribers away from other people.  Of course it’s all based on opinion, but it’s not a channel that I would view regularly because I don’t learn from it.  Logan Paul, who is one of the biggest grossers on YouTube, attracts teenagers.  Lily Singh, who’s a rapper and a few other things, has a wide-range audience.  What I’m trying to point out is there are people all over the world who have different needs.  The majority of people love negativity and pessimism, so that’s why the media and news continues to WIN.  Other people like things that are entertaining and just time-wasting, dramatized shows.  Touche.  Not everyone will like the same thing.  There are audiences for frankly EVERYONE.  Here’s a nice rundown of what countries have listened to me in the past 24 hours.

Just to let you know, Indonesia is on top of my YouTube channel, bringing it 16% of my total views, followed by America at 15% and Thailand at 14%.  Lots of people don’t tune into analytics, but it’s important to know where people are coming in from.

Top 10










A lot of the top YouTubers, including the YouTube celebs, definitely don’t look at their statistics, nor do they care about what countries are actually tuning in.  Will Smith says, “my fans.”  Fans are deemed worldwide.  Lily Singh and the other “prolific” YouTubers never seem to reply to ANY of the YouTube comments or Instagram posts.  This is the problem when you get to “that” level.  You just stop caring.  This is why I absolutely LOVE GARY VEE so much because even though he made close to 200 millions in gross revenue last year, he still takes pictures and says hello.

I love your committment in your work and your love for your audiences. I love your content because you wrote your own blog post, post your own YouTube to it and run your podcast which are quite diversified where I don’t see it in other blogging website. Although you owned your own YouTube channel, but you still using your blogging website in a great by fully utilising channels like blogging by providing contents, video blogging in YouTube and podcasting.

A girl, who wants to be mentored by me, told me this.  I will be meeting her very soon; furthermore, she wants to become part of my team.  I’m very excited about this because this is the first big step in terms of mentorship.  Having someone realize your brilliance is a sure way in terms of you going in the right direction.


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