Napoleon Hill: How I Live The First Five Lessons

Lesson I: Definite Chief-Aim

  • Find out your major aim in life.
  • Write out a clear, concise statement of this aim.
  • Write a map or maps through which you intend to attain the object of that aim.
  • Form an alliance with people who will cooperate with you in carrying out these plans and transforming the aim into reality.
  • Those who join should sign, with you, your statement.
  • Arrange with one or all of the members of your friendly alliance to state to you, in the most positive and definite terms at their command, that they know and realize the object of your definite chief-aim.

What’s my major aim in life? Well, it’s to inspire, instill, and change the people I come in contact with through voice, academics, and well-being.  Yes, travels and everything else falls into play, but this is the ultimate purpose of my life.

I had to rewrite it a few times because changes happen, but writing out a clear and concise statement of your definite chief-aim will give you fortitude and direction, two things that most human beings lack on planet Earth today.

How do I live it?

Well, I feel most alive when I go running or workout, which I do 4-5 times a week (and try doing cardio seven days a week, even if it’s a 20 minute run).  I do my podcast, which is another life-fulfilling moment for me – speaking! Doing YouTube videos and writing are two other things I absolutely LOVE to do, and now with people tuning in all over the world, I finally monetized my passion.  It doesn’t matter if I do or don’t get paid to do this. Why? Because I LOVE IT.

I had someone add me on FB and tell me that they wanted to be part of my team and wanted me to be their mentor.  This goes back to “forming an alliance,” because most famous people in the world, and CEO’S of million dollar companies have to form an alliance that works harmoniously.

Lesson II: Self-Confidence

From the last days when I used to degrade myself unmercifully because of the suggestions of Thais, to who I am now.  I abide by the rules of developing the confidence needed to attain my definite chief-aim.  If you had met me 3 years ago, you wouldn’t have read this blog because the amount of “bitching” and self-depreciation I would be spewing in writing.  The change happened quickly.  How? Affirmations.

I did a podcast with actor Teemaree, who has a book on amazon titled Love For You Now, and she talks about affirmations and redefining your blueprint.  A lot of us have blueprints, whether it’s societal, or geographical that we hold onto.  This becomes part of our life and leads to unworthiness.  I read Jack Canfield’s Principle #5, and it changed my life forever. I got my mojo back right before I went to Vietnam and I established myself as a wonderful being.  Sure, 2016 had a couple bumps, but nothing more significant than the heinous 14/15 years.

I had to eliminate the thoughts of people having said bad things about me or my skin tone.  The police that stopped me to ask me for my passport (to see if I was illegal), to schools completely disregarding me because the color of my skin.  Because I didn’t do these things in the beginning, it grew into hate.  When I saw my 60+ year-old co workers with wives half their age, the jealousy grew.  However, it stopped right at the first quarter of 2016 and I never looked back.

Lesson III: The Habit of Saving

I was sitting in front of the computer one day with my brother hurling adjectives at me to drop my defences, which he succeeded in doing.  It was a day before the release of Transformers 1: Independence Day – 2007.  This was when I was broke beyond belief, and he was literally telling me that I shouldn’t rely on my mom anymore and that I should get a job.  I cried and left home that evening to sleep at my friends place.  From that conversation forward, I took with me the “seed of saving.”  Going through the wintry months of 2007, I literally saved every dime I had and never looked back.  I had an emergency fund at all times, in case anything goes wrong, and continued to pile on.  That moment of saving all paid off one evening in 2009 when I had enough money to travel to Australia.  The Habit of Saving and just having a savings in times of transition (what’s currently happening now) is compulsory.

Lesson IV: Leadership

The story in Napoleon Hill’s book

“I’m going to take it upon myself to say something to you that you will not like, but it may be of help to you.  Take a look at this office in which you work! The floor is dirty; the walls are dusty; the typewriter you are using looks like one Noah Ark used; your pants are bagged at the knees; your collar is dirty; your face is unshaved, and you have a look in your eyes that tells me you’re defeated.

Sound familiar? I see those defeated looks on people’s faces here in Bangkok everyday on the train.  Feelings or resent, struggle, and discontent emanates and I feel the pain because I’m a magnet.  You already know what someone is just by looking at the way they’re dressed.  I can tell what a woman is by how she’s dressed; moreover, I can envision, in my imagination, what her home looks like.

To become a leader, you’re going to have to slain one of the deadly horsemen, most commonly known as procrastination.  If you don’t, you’re going to fall in the trap just as so many other people have.

Lesson V: Imagination

I would seriously get into brain food.  I’m talking podcasts that revolve around self-development.  This is imperative in developing your imagination.  I wake up every morning and say to myself, “oh! I could do this and then this would happen!” Did I ever have those ideas before? No.  Here are my recommendations.

  • Paulo Coehlo: The Alchemist (it should be free online somewhere)
  • Get Lisa Nichols’ Abundance Now or Jack Canfield’s Success Principles – These are easy reads and can help you along your journey.
  • Download a meditation app and start meditating and visualizing.
  • Make your 101 goals list and review it everyday in the morning.
  • Find affirmations on YouTube (recommending Be Inspired’s Youtube Channel)
  • Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying & Start Living & How To Influence & Win People – MUSTS!
  • Get rid of one shitty friend and add a good friend.  Join social groups where people are successful and adopt their habits.  Surround yourself with positive people.

Your imagination will soon start developing.



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