New Book Series: Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone – Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

So, I was listening to Earl Nightingale on YouTube just recently and he mentioned a book that Napoleon Hill wrote with W. Clement Stone.  Because I’m nearing the completion of the best book in terms of self-development, I was looking into other books to review and talk about.

Then, there it was!

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

The reason behind choosing this book is simple.  I looked through some of the chapters and there isn’t a repeat in what I’ve been talking about.  Here’s what I’ll be discussing.

Part I

Chapter One: Meet the most important living person.

Chapter Two: You can change your world.

Chapter Three: Clear the cobwebs from your thinking?

Chapter Four: Will you date to explore the powers of your mind?

Chapter Five: ……..And something more.

Part II

Chapter Six: You’ve got a problem? That’s good!

Chapter Seven: Learn To See.

Chapter Eight: The secret of getting things done.

Chapter Nine: How to motivate yourself.

Chapter Ten: How to motivate others.

Part III

Chapter Eleven: Is there a shortcut to riches?

Chapter Twelve: Attract — Don’t Repel — Wealth

Chapter Thirteen: If You Don’t Have Money — Use OPM!

Chapter Fourteen: How to find satisfaction in your job.

Chapter Fifteen: Your magnificent obsession.

Chapter Sixteen: How to raise your energy level.

Chapter Seventeen: You can enjoy good health and live longer.

Chapter Eighteen: Can you attract happiness?

Chapter Nineteen: Get rid of that guilty feeling.

Part V

Chapter Twenty: Now It’s Time To Test Your Own Success Quotient

Chapter Twenty-one: Awaken the sleeping giant within you.

Because Napoleon Hill was such an extraordinary book, I needed to continue learning about his mind. HA! I recall Jack Canfield mentioning W. Clement Stone on the movie “the Secret” years ago.  With two likeminded individuals together, one being one of the best personal development authors in history, I couldn’t resist!


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