TOEIC: Grammar – Word Families (Know This & You Can Dominate The Grammar Section)

If you understand word families, you’re going to understand the TOEIC test in it’s entirety.  Words can be related in noun, verb, adjective, and adverb forms.

Noun Suffixes: -ance, -ancy, -ence, -ation, -dom, -ism, -ment, -ness, -ship, -or, -ion

We have profited from his employment.

Wisdom comes with age and experience. 

Verb suffixes include: -ate, -en, -ify, -ize

This client will strengthen our credibility over time.

We really need to simplify the work allocation.

Adjective suffixes include: -able, -ible, -al, -ful, -ish, -ive

His business is very successful.

This is the most constructive plan we have.

Adverb Suffixes include: -ly, -word, -wise

The presentation was given professionally. 

He tends to do things sidewise. 

  1. Like no other member we have ever employed, John exercised a _________ influence on the firm.
  1. dominance
  2. dominate
  3. dominant
  4. dominantly

2) The recommendation, which was faxed by the secretary herself, was ________ to the success of the company.

  1. criticism
  2. critique
  3. critic
  4. critical

3) Fortunately, his response ___________ the board members, and the meeting was finally adjourned.

  1. satisfaction
  2. satisfactory
  3. satisfied
  4. satisfactorily

4) Which it may have seemed like we were being critical in our observation, the student’s ___________ was rewarded in the end.

  1. persistence
  2. persistently
  3. persist
  4. persistent

5. An experienced ___________ will explain the new system to the interns during the tutorial.

  1. operatic
  2. operation
  3. operate
  4. operator

6. As is the case with the parking garage entrance, the front doors are run ____________, not manually.

  1. electric
  2. electronically
  3. electrical
  4. electron

7) While she ___________ in systems, we sometimes call on her to speak at workshops as well.

  1. specialist
  2. specialization
  3. specials
  4. specializes

8) The last _________ has made its bid, so let’s choose the one to hire.

  1. contractor
  2. contractive
  3. contraction
  4. contract

8) The last _________ has made its bid, so let’s choose the one to accept.

  1. contractor
  2. contract
  3. contraction
  4. contractive

9) The ________ person to lead staff out of the building in case of an emergency is the person near the rear doors.

  1. designative
  2. designated
  3. designator
  4. designation

10) It is risky to ___________ for huge profits without having a savings.

  1. speculators
  2. speculative
  3. speculate
  4. speculation



Word Families


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