Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Pronunciation #2 – Syllables

Hello, all! Welcome back to yet another ESL podcast for my English language learners worldwide! Today’s episode and podcast is on syllables! Downloadable PDF is down below along with the podcast.



Each word has one, two, three, or more syllables.  Every syllable has a vowel sound, and usually has a consonant sound between it and the next syllable.

one syllable son wife

two syllables sis-ter ne-phew

three syllables fa-mi-ly grand-mo-ther

How many syllables are in these words? Write 1, 2, or 3.  Draw a line between each syllable.

  1. un/cle – ___2___
  1. wife’s – ______
  1. husband ______
  1. nieces ______
  1. colleges ______
  1. initials ______
  1. questions ______
  1. actor ______
  1. blue ______
  1. grandparent ______
  1. school ______
  1. cousin ______

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast- Syllables


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