Napoleon Hill: Chapter 1 Continued – Our Attitudes Shape Our Future

“The poet could have told us with great emphasis that this law works whether the attitudes are destructive or constructive. The law states that we translate into physical reality the thoughts and attitudes which we hold in our minds, no matter what they are. We translate into reality thoughts of poverty just as quickly as we do thoughts of riches. But when our attitude toward ourselves is big, and our attitude toward others is generous and merciful, we attract big and generous portions of success.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

I was recently on the skytrain with one of my new students, who’s a trainer, talking away about so many things and when I got home, I read this and began to laugh.  I gave him examples of women on the train completely blowing off people of color because just that – color.  I told him how much I loved it and how exciting it was to have that chip on my shoulder everyday.  I don’t put anger into it, but I sure smile about it.  See, I translated all the madness of negative opinions into reality.  My attitude, reaction and results paved the way for even more negative circumstances to sneak into my life.

“That is why we must be cautious when we use this talisman. Its PMA side can get for you all the rich blessings of life. It can help you to overcome your difficulties and to discover your strengths. It can help you step out ahead of your competitors, and, as with many of us, it can turn what others say is impossible into reality.
But the NMA side is just as powerful. Instead of attracting happiness and success, it can attract despair and defeat. Like all power, the talisman is dangerous if we don’t use it properly.”

Ask yourself what feelings you are currently feeling and what frequency you’re on.  This is why I encourage everyone to do the wheel of life so they can understand the problem areas in their lives.  How could you ultimately use PMA everyday of your life? It’s difficult to remain optimistic all the time, right? And that doubt right there is why feelings and all vocabulary that revolves around negativity, makes its way and continues to do so in your life.

A while back I rendezvous with a student who was in my 6th grade class.  Her name was Heather Belt, and now she’s married and ex-military.  The last couple of times I saw her status — she was in pure desperation.

First status read, “does anyone in Vegas have a place me and my husband can stay at for a while?”

Second status was, “just when we were being positive, we had another massive setback.”

Obviously her degree of NMA had been playing a role for quite some time before.  Feelings of living “without” and “trying to find somewhere to live” puts you in a very desperate category.  I felt bad for her and wanted no part of it, so I removed her (this happened about 7-8 years ago).

When you look at your circumstances and realize what’s happening around you — YOU CREATED — you are now in control.  Have you ever had someone else control your life? Kind of sucks, doesn’t it? When you face what isn’t working, which is the NMA, make the conscious effort to deviate from it.

Henry Ford read inspirational magazines and books; I meditate, listen to Gary Vee, MindValley, Lisa Nichols and read; other successful people I know commit to never-ending improvement.

However, most of you who are reading this, or will have read this in the near future, are reading the news, watching bombs drop, people building walls to keep one another out.  This puts you in the NMA. Time to go on a purge.



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