Napoleon Hill: Closing of Chapter 1

“Some people use PMA for a while but when they receive a setback, they lose faith in it. They start out right, but some “bad breaks” cause them to flip the talisman wrong-side-up. They fail to realize that success is maintained by those who keep trying with PMA.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

“Every delay is not a denial, it’s simply that you’re getting something to help you move forward.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith. 

The beginning of this year was the most difficult.  It was so hard to be positive in a negative environment where people wanted to see me fail.  I would get constant emails from negative human beings that would ruin my day.  When I finally took the steering wheel of my life by quitting a job that made my chest hurt (literally), I was now back in the driver’s seat, speeding away in a direction that was opposite of that place.

Was all of this technically foreign to me? No.  People go through the same things I had gone through at that place.  The coming apart of a language center at the hands of a mad man was my gateway out of there.  The front office staff, to the lady, to the nasty-old British men who were there ostricizing, criticizing, spewing hate…’s beyond difficult to maintain that PMA.  So, towards the end, I cancelled lots of my weekend classes and hurried to finish off the last student I had.  When I walked out of there, knowing that I would never be back, I was so relieved and grateful.

“Meet the most important living person. The day you recognize PMA for yourself is the day that you will meet the most important living person! Who is he? Why, the most important living person is you, as far as you and your life are concerned. Take a look at yourself. Isn’t it true that you carry with you an invisible talisman with the initials PMA emblazoned on one side and NMA on the other? What exactly is this talisman, this force? The talisman is your mind. PMA is a Positive Mental Attitude.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.
Greatness comes to those who develop a burning desire to achieve high goals.
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep on trying with PMA.
To become an expert achiever in any human activity, it takes practice … practice … practice.”

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