Gary Vee: Document, Don’t Create

“Let people learn who you are, then let them watch you develop into who you want to become.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

This. Is. The. One!

If you actually go back to the very first podcasts I’ve ever had, my tone is far different from today.  What’s even more, my mindset! Like what I used to talk about and complain back then is virtually no more.  You have a full transformation through podcasts on my platform, which is extraordinary.  I’ll be able to go back and listen to the very beginning of my journey and that’s what makes the internet and technology so WONDERFUL.  I documented my entire journey here in Thailand.  Through all the racist days, to what has happened at work, things that have come and gone, fitness, health, well-being, what I’ve learned, and most importantly, where I’m going.

In about one year’s time, I’m going to have a full website with people purchasing different test prep courses off of me, speaking worldwide, making 50$-100% an hour teaching, having other teachers work under me, go to national conventions to learn more, and that’s only a snippet.  When it all happens, I’m going to go to my very first podcasts, listen, and cry.  What a journey!

Gary Vee’s philosophy is that he learns by watching and doing, not reading.  I learn from reading, writing, speaking, and doing – in that order. Remember the time I mentioned a colleague who read Dale Carnegie’s “How To Stop Worrying & Start Living.” He went through that book quickly and just said, “it was a good book,” yet put nothing into action.  The best way for me to remember is to read it, write it, make a podcast about it, then leave my condo with full intent on doing it.  It works EVERY TIME.

Another one of my close friends said, “when people listen to your podcast, they don’t want to hear about things happening at work, this, or that.”  However, documenting, talking about, and showing how I handle situations can reap rewards for others.

“Use Snapchat, Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, and Facebook Live three, four, five times per day to share the world through your eyes.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

Just reading this made me realize that this is the truth.  Showing people life here in Thailand on Instagram and Facebook stories could be critical.  Not many people know about the slums here in Thailand, but it can give them incredible insight and make them realize that they too, should be grateful.

When I head to Kuala Lumpur this week, I’ll definitely be purchasing a simcard so I can do Instagram stories before and after the race. FB live for when I complete it, and even Twitter.  Most Americans never travel outside of the states, so to let them into Kuala Lumpur would be SPECIAL!

Try it.  All of you.  Document.  Start now.  Maybe you’ll hate it; maybe it’s life-changing.

You’ll never know until you begin.

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