Gary Vee: Document, Don’t Create – Part II

“Documenting to build a personal brand is an especially good tactic if you’re already working a job that you want to leave someday. Build your brand and gain traction in your niche before you ever need to make any money, so that when you are ready to step out of your current job, your brand is there to hold you up and carry you to your next opportunity.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

BOOM!  So, this might be slightly away from the brand, but this is being smart.

Back in November of last year, I made the decision to quit my job that I was completely unhappy with.  However, did I quit immediately? Nope. You have to be smart.  I started lining up job interviews over the course of 2-3 months to see which one was best.  By the time February rolled around, I had two part-time jobs already holding me up because my salary took a significant plunge (because I wasn’t the popular teacher anymore – lol).  So, by the time March rolled around, I was so discontent with my job that I began cancelling all my classes and didn’t want to be around there anymore because it made my chest hurt.  My salary went from an ugly $1500 USD a month to literally 300$, but it was because I no longer wanted to be at that current job.

I transitioned my way out of an ugly job and I went from that $300 at one place, to an additional $600 at another place, $500 here, $400 there and I knew March wasn’t going to be a solid month.  However, I was still + $1000 in terms of salary.  April? Heading back to $3000.  This is called being SMART.  Don’t flip birds and waltz out of your only income.  Yes, very soon I’ll be building test prep courses online and earning residual income while building my brand (which is exploding at the moment because of my new ESL podcast), but I still love teaching.  Teaching is oxygen to me.  Imagine that.

A lot of you are searching for either instant gratification or quick money.  Nothing is quick in life.  It’s a grind to the top, but the journey is the funnest part of it all.

It’s all about constantly practicing and seeing how your content is.  If you put out half-ass blogs and videos, you’re going to get half-ass results.

Example, I’m trying to reevaluate what I’m doing with this personal development podcast in general because my ESL podcast, after only 1 week, gets more plays a day compared to my PD podcast that’s been out for 27 months.  Maybe there’s more of a reach and base with my ESL podcast because 100 + countries are tuning into my YouTube videos.  I’ve asked so many of my students about what they think in terms of my podcast (ESL) and they say it’s truly amazing.  This idea came one morning when I asked myself, “if I have 5000 watch-time minutes on my YouTube page, how about I make an ESL podcast for them, too?”  BOOM! And just like that, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and other places are playing my episodes by HERDS because I’m doing what other ESL podcasts aren’t doing – making lessons, pronunciation, confidence-building and creating useful tactics.

Am I doing that with my PD podcast? It’s hard to say when I’m not getting much feedback, but I do have some angels telling me what they expect when they listen to my podcast.

Gary Vee also mentioned that a lot of Instagrammers and Twitter “experts” label themselves as “life-coach, entrepreneur expert, business owner, quick money now” fools.  However, you can’t find a video of them online, website, or anything.  These are the “fakes” of the social media world.  If you have 50k followers and you get two likes per twitter post, something is seriously wrong and I can call the “bulls***” from a mile away.

I, on the other hand, have a lot of content on YouTube, Google, and everywhere in general.  I’m not faking a damn thing.  This is who I am and there’s no painting a picture otherwise. It’s like when I referred to the pair of dog trainers on Gary Vee’s podcast at the end of last year.  Gary Vee told them to create content because 99% of dog trainers aren’t creating content.  BOOM!

If I could give my 20-year-old self advice, I would’ve turned a break-up into a bunch of YouTube videos, blogs, and I would be raking in millions right now.  You always have to look at a negative as something to benefit. When I was going through a childhood break-up, I found 1-2 videos online about them.  YouTube was still a newborn in the world and there was nothing out there at that moment.  Now there are millions of them, but I didn’t have the conscious effort to learn about personal development and turn that break-up into an inspirational story.

One of those channels was “Vanae,” who was one of the very first YouTubers I came across back in 2007-2009.  I think what’s more amazing is although she had a huge following base about 4 years ago, she stopped making videos and disappeared from the limelight.  She only she had stuck to it…..those stories are face-palming.  Sure, you can say she moved on, but it was a trip to Indonesia and vanishing that ultimately destroyed her following base and channel.

What I’m saying is DON’T GIVE UP on your followers.  One of my loyal followers is near Stanford University in California in a small suburb called “Menlo Park.”  This particular individual has been following my podcasts since early 2016.  If I give up now, I quit on him/her.  If I give up right now on what I’m doing, I would be failing thousands around the world.  Regardless of what’s happening in your life, know that circumstances are much bigger than you when you have a massive follow. People are counting on you.  Don’t quit in the midst of hard times.


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