TOEIC: Strategy Practice (Time Test)

Hello, all! Here’s a combined test of what I’ve done in full.  However, the YouTube video down below is the spoiler, so please, don’t watch it until AFTER you answer the questions down below.

  1. There are a lot of ways you can trim expenses. ____________, we could save by moving into a smaller office.

a. Consequently

b. For example

c. Moreover

d. In other words


2. The event had a lot of participants _______ we sent out the invitations on the last day.

a. because

b. even though

c. and

d. until


3. Many businesses are _________ that the increase in shipping costs will have a negative effect on profit margins.

a. concerned

b. anxiety

c. fear

d. stress


4. If you leave a message or voicemail at work, I will ________ as soon as possible.

a. call back

b. hang up

c. cut off

d. hold on


5. The contract with the company expires ____________ August.

a. at

b. for

c. on

d. in


6. The hotels closest to the convention center are much more expensive than others in the general CBD, __________ their location is very convenient.

a. or

b. so

c. but

d. and


7. You won’t be considered for the position if you _________ your application before the deadline.

a. won’t submit

b. don’t submit

c. aren’t submitting

d. didn’t submit


8. Before moving into the new office, we’ll get all the walls _________.

a. paint

b. painted

c. to paint

d. will be painted


9. They _______ beat out the competition and won the contract.

a. successive

b. success

c. successful

d. successfully


10) As soon as a position _________ available, the Human Resource office will contact you.

a. is becoming

b. will become

c. would become

d. becomes



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