Napoleon Hill: PMA – Chapter II – Part II

“I never really had a chance to get ahead. My father was an alcoholic, you know.”

“I was raised in the slums and that’s something you can never get out of your system.”

Look, I got it.  We’ve all had the transgressions and problems over the course of our lives.  However, you don’t have to make that your reality FOREVER.  When will you say “enough is enough?”

I asked my students before, “why do poor people live around poor people?”

I want you to think about that.  klong_toey_slum_bangkok.jpg

Look at this picture.  This is called Khlong Toei, which basically means Canal Toei.  It’s one of the infamous slums in Bangkok.  I think over the years it’s been cleaned up, but there are still slums around.  Heck, there’s a slum building near a billion dollar condo where I live.  So, what makes these people stay here? For one, it’s not government owned land.  This is free rent for these people.  To list disadvantages, these places run rampant with drugs, rape, HIV, and so many other things.  In addition to that, American priests, often obese anglo men, come here to buy children (which can be seen on YouTube videos).  I never heard of a priest buying children until I watched the video.

This is a long problem that a lot of countries face and it’s just something that I want to bring up to put it into perspective.

However, if I was a father of children living there, I would get up and leave.  See, in Thailand you can sell sticky rice with chicken/pork on the street.  You just need to buy the pork and sticky rice and sell it for 300% more.  It’s doable. I’ve seen people do it.  A lot of people don’t have the mental capacity to do it though.  They become lifelong victims and stay there because they believe it’s the only way to live.

What’s even more alarming is that there are beautiful condos that tower over these slums.  These individuals never say, “hmmmm, if they’re living there, why can I live there?”

Queensborough projects in Brooklyn, nasty places in Watts, and other places scattered across the planet like the Favelas in Brazil.  Choices compounded over time get you the results you’re sitting in.

“These people are all saying, in essence, that the world has given them a raw deal. They are blaming the world and circumstances outside themselves for their failures. They blame their heredity or their environment. They start out with a negative mental attitude. And, of course, with that attitude, they are handicapped. But it is NMA that is holding them down, not the external handicap which they give as the cause of their failure.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

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