Wheel of Life: Let The Games Begin!

I’ve got my mojo back! After dumping the ‘tub of dog shit job’ (lmao – sorry – I don’t cuss much….I promise), I’ve now free’d up my available attention units and have been attracting so much goodness into my life.  Like I said last month, it was the dying days of the last job, but now I’m in control and make and break my own assets.  So, let’s get it on!

Before I begin, I have a podcast interview coming up tomorrow morning with an marital entrepreneurship (from Wisconsin). So stay tuned!

Personal Development – 8

As always, I get a lot of my personal development intake through podcasts and on the go.  After reading the first Chapter of Tony Robbins new book — all while creating blogs and podcasts about them — it’s safe to say that I’ve done a fine job, even if I haven’t had time to read.  Now that I have a content writer on board, I’m able to delegate tasks to her.  If there’s a quality I think she can develop and use in the future, I tell her to buy a book that specifically caters to that quality, write a blog about a chapter (like what I do on my website), and she’ll then send it to me so I can do a podcast on it.  This is AWESOME LEARNING because teaching what you learn is the best way to remember (as Jim Kwik says). There have been some recent Gary Vee videos that have been beneficial, and after listening to a vital Jim Kwik podcast in Kuala Lumpur International Airport last week, I’m now understanding how I can make my brain ageless (later podcast coming).

Physical Environment – 10

I swear, I wake up happy.  Period.  I mean how many people can say that in the world? There are certain jobs that I go to where I don’t like the atmosphere, but luckily they’re all part-time.  If I don’t like a specific workplace, I have the advantage of dumping it.  In recent years, I just couldn’t dump my full-time job in Rangsit (north of Bangkok) because I feared not getting a job after that.  I feared that I would never get employed in Thailand again and thought this was the only place that employed a “black” man.  Was I wrong? F*** yes!

Companies, brilliant students, and a pay increase of double/triple per hour.  Need I say more?!

Romantic Relationships – Nothing New

You know the story.

Fun & Hobbies – 8.5

Malindo Air, Indonesian guy and a friendly conversation, content writer, Malaysia, Spartan Race (and another next month), friends, gym, different classes, traveling, etc.  I’ve got it.  Honestly, it’s going to spike pretty high in the coming months because I have Vietnam/Singapore/Malaysia coming up in a few months.  It’s insanity – the way I like it.

Friends & Family – 5

Well, I’ve been keeping myself extremely busy for the most part.  I have my best friend Andre talking to me on a daily basis now, and I’m not nurturing the best friends I have.  There shouldn’t be long lapses of communication….regardless of how busy our lives are.  I try sending messages all the time when I’m on the go.  It could be when I walk up to the skytrain, in between classes, lunch, commuting, etc.  I’m constantly in “do” mode, and that’s in terms of my friendships.  Nurture what you have now and development.  Very important.

Health – 9

I was carrying a bucket of rockets and seeing so many competitors drop like flies in a forest outside of KL.  People were moaning, groaning, sitting on their ‘tubs of rocks,’ and I just couldn’t be part of that group.  I had to continue going.  When I did this, and even towards the end of the race, I realized how unbelievably lucky I am to have this body.  The strength and endurance behind me is the best ever – and I’m almost 30! Believe that! In college, I ate terribly.  Australia? That was the worst diet I ever had.  Now I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, minus the allergy and minor cold I got from the hot-cold-rainy climate out there in KL.

Wealth – 9

This should be a ten, but I’m coming up on my first month of not being at my “full-time” dog house job in the north.  I call it that because I hadn’t received a good salary from there in almost one year.  Now that it’s taken care of and I get paid a lot more, I think I can improve my worth by almost double by hustling and getting paid OBVIOUSLY DOUBLED.

Career – 10

Without a doubt.  Content writer, new ESL podcast which debut shortly after my last wheel of life, biggest month in history (my website), listeners from all over, creating tests — now that I have a PDF, communicating more effectively on multiple platforms, connecting with folks on LinkedIn, creating a team, etc.  This is absolutely the most successful I’ve EVER been.


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