Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest – Anna Nguyen of Hanoi!

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: International Guest - Anna Nguyen of Hanoi!

I use the term “Saigon” because most Vietnamese refer to that name instead of the other.  With that being said, this is my second ESL podcast chat with another person! I’m very excited because I want to go over pronunciation with her because it’s very important amongst the Vietnamese population.

When I was in Vietnam a couple years ago, I realized that a lot of Vietnamese people have a difficult time enunciating just about every word.  My friend, Na Nguyen, has trouble saying words in English.  I wanted to help them (and her in this podcast) with enunciation! Here’s the PDF (lesson) that we will be going over.

Pronunciation Skill

You need to notice the different intonation patterns in these reactions.

That’s nice. (going down)

How wonderful! (up then down)

That’s good. (going down)

That’s terrible! (up then down)

Really? (disbelief + up only)

Oh yeah? (up)


Now Work With A Partner….

Take turns completing the statements with your own ideas, and responding appropriately.

– I ________________ everyday.
– My friend collects _____________.
– On weekends, my neighbor ___________.

Linking Sounds

Consonant sounds are often linked to the vowel sounds that follow them.


The store_is closed.

Take_a left__at First Street.

Is that_an_aquarium?

Make the linking sounds and then compare with your partner….

1. It’s on your right.
2. Walk about ten minutes.
3. You can’t miss it.
4. Can I help you?
5. Go to Second Avenue.
6. Can you give me some information?


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast – Intonation skills + linking


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