TOEIC: Reading – Auction + Announcement (In PDF)

I see a lot of students have been commenting in terms of how they can find the answers quickly. Because this is TOEIC, a much different test compared to IELTS, you don’t have to skim. Skimming is using a pacer and going sentence by sentence to find key words and synonyms. That is not your goals in TOEIC. Dates, proper nouns, and numbers are your best friend. If you look at the below entry (auction), you’ll see that it’s pretty straightforward in terms of the questions.

The first question features a date (January 15th). The third question is referring to a time period – answers being in number form. Do the easy questions first so you can save your time for the more difficult ones.

I just want to cover basics before getting into the very difficult side of TOEIC reading.


Attention collectors and dealers. Swann’s Auction House will be holding special auctions on the following date:

Thursday, January 15th at 10am and 3pm: Greek Paintings – works from the second half of the twentieth century, from the collection of Enid Asterbilt, including a little-known piece of Hans Rothkopf.

Friday, January 16th at 10am: Eighteenth-century coins from North Africa and the Middle East.

Monday, January 19th at 10am: Nineteenth – and early twentieth-century paintings of North America.

Wednesday, January 21st at 10am and 3pm: Early American furniture, including several rare floor cloths and pieces by the Anderson Brothers.

Coming in March: Early American textiles; pieces form the estate of the Kenmore family; African sculpture.

Call the Auction House for details.

1. How many sales will take place on January 15th?
A) Two
B) Three
C) Fifteen
D) Ten

2) Who will determine the price of the Swiss paintings?
A) The buyer
B) The seller
C) The artist
D) The European Economic Community

3. What is the time period of the coins to be auctioned on January 16th?
A) 1600s
B) 1700s
C) 1800s
D) 1900s

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