TOEIC Listening: Part II – Question & Response

Hello, everyone! My TOEIC students, who have been tuning in all around the world, are probably excited about this listening portion.  As promised (even if it was a long time ago), I’ve brought to you question & response.  I think I recall doing this video about 3 years ago, but let’s go over some basics, along with some practicing and a few other things that will help you a long the way.

Language Building: Choosing The Correct Answer

A. Is Mr. Lawson coming to the seminar?
B. Did he say when he would be available?
C. Could you help Sarah with the papers?
D. Do you think they would mind if I tagged along?

1. He thinks he’ll be free later on this evening.
2. No. Everyone has been invited.
3. Unfortunately, he’ll be at a training expo overseas.
4. Sure. Where is she right now?
5. You should probably email them first.
6. No, I didn’t ask her this morning.
7. Sorry, I have to help the secretary with calls.
Yes, but she’ll be about a half hour late.

Looking Out For Same/Similar Sounding Words

1. Are you going out tonight?
A. Yes, it’s tonight.
B. No, he’s departing tomorrow.
C. I haven’t decided yet.

*Ths answer is C but the similar sounding words can throw you off.

2. Have you handed in the report yet?
A. I’ve already reported it.
B. I put it on her desk two days ago.
C. I thought it was very handy.

Extra Practice

3. Could you rearrange the venue for me?
A. Yes, it’s new.
B. Sure. Is the meeting room better?
C. No, I didn’t arrange it.

4. You called SImon back, didn’t you?
A. No, I don’t have his number.
B. Yes, I gave it back.
C. No, we call him David.


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