Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 23 – Grammar – Prepositions of Time: In, At, On

It’s time to learn about prepositions in, at, and on in time expressions.  Yes, it’s a little basic, but you will be surprised how many problems people encounter using these basic expressions.

So, this is how you can break it down.

Preposition: In

In: months, years, seasons, part of a day

Ex: In January, in 2013, in the summer, in the morning

In January, I’ll go to Sweden for a conference.

In 2013, I moved to Thailand; or – I will move to Thailand in 2013.

When it’s the summer in Thailand, it’s boiling hot!

I normally eat rice, eggs and pork in the morning for breakfast.

Preposition: At

Time of day.


I normally wake up at 6:00am.

Could you pick up the kids at 3:45?

What time do you want to meet at?

Prepositions: On

Days of the week – on Monday, on the weekend (GB: at the weekend).

Dates: on Friday the 10th.

Holidays: on Thanksgiving.

Part of a specific day: on the afternoon of June 6th.

Additional exercises in PDF down below.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast – Episode 23 – Grammar – Prepositions


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