Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 25 – Vocabulary – Places In A Neighborhood (Great For Traveling)

Useful vocabulary while traveling is essential.  If I had ever gone to South America, I would be sure to brush up on my Spanish.  Off the top of my head, I remember “Super Mercado” which means Super Market.  Pretty easy, right?

However, in English….AUS/GB English is far different from America. When I first went to Australia on a working holiday visa, I remember seeing a “chemist.”  I said, “damn, why do chemists have their own independent stores?”  Well, the chemist is a pharmacy.  They also call it a drug store.  In America, we just say pharmacy.

Another example is “hair dresser.”  That’s a “barber” in America.  When I saw “hair dressers,” I said “they don’t cut men’s hair?”

Here are some useful vocabulary terms to help you out in case you do travel abroad.


ATM/Cash Machine

Bookstore/News Agent

Hair salon/ Hair Dresser


Package/Parcel (in relations to the post office)

Stationery store (I have not a clue)


Tech store


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