Gary Vee: First, Do This

Over the course of 3 days, traffic was super high on my podcasts and website; I can’t help but realize that I’m finally utilizing all platforms to their maximum levels.  If it wasn’t for, I wouldn’t have gotten my potential job.  If it wasn’t for one morning, developing the idea about starting a podcast, I wouldn’t have over 50 countries glued into my podcast in a little less than a month.  If it wasn’t for posting my content, even on “dating” type apps (you’d be surprised how much it works), I wouldn’t have people all around Thailand listening to my ESL podcast.

Honestly, I remember talking to a trainer months ago.  I narrowed down all her loves and ambitions and I told her to immediately start a FB, blog, Twitter and linked them all up together.

“Facebook is the cost of entry to building a personal brand. Do not try to tell me that you don’t have to do it because you’re targeting the twenty-two-and-unders, who are not on Facebook in the same numbers as older groups. As you’ll see, the strides Facebook is making in video make it likely that it’s about to become more appealing to those young viewers. You want to be waiting for them when they start opening Facebook accounts. Facebook will get to the young demo; you can count on it. Don’t ever underestimate Mark Zuckerberg, and don’t ever bet against Facebook.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

I don’t give a damn about what the clown ass media has said about linking data and Cambridge analytica – a firm who has always shut its doors.  I can go so far to say this was all a publicity stunt for FB to gain more attention.  Regardless of what it was, it’s now an opportunity and FB ads can become even more underpriced.

Stop romanticizing.  That’s right, Gen B’s.  You’re romantically in love with the past.  I get it, you and your friends would roll around in mud and dirt in the 1980’s versus seeing kids with iPads today.  Times have change….oh, and can I mention that the serial rapists (especially prevalent from the 60’s-90’s) rate has fallen, too.  Why? Children are inside and away from being outside.  Their are advantages and disadvantages all across the board, but if you sit there and cry about this monumental opportunity you have, you’re going to just waltz into your grave – angry as hell (hate to be blunt).

Everything is here for the taking.  If you can just shove the bulls*** aside and get creating, you’ll be amazed how much traffic and attention you get.

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