Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 27 – Possessive ‘s

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Episode 27 - Possessive 's

Possessives were so confusing for me in the beginning, but it’s the same concept pertaining to possessive adjectives.  Here’s a breakdown of how they work.

A. Mandy’s grandparents are Frank and Martha.

So Mandy’s possession is her grandparents; therefore, you’ll need to put an apostrophe ‘s to indicate that it is.  You can’t put Mandys grandparents. 

B. Her grandparents’ names are Greg and Barbara.

In this case, we are asking for the names of both grandparents.  Therefore, you’ll put the apostrophe after the s. 

C. Her brother’s eyes are gorgeous.

D. Her parents’ names are Denise and Carl.

E. Jake is Kelly’s husband.

To indicate possession or a family relationship

  1. We add ‘s/ just add an apostrophe (‘) after singular names or nouns.
  2. We add ‘s/ just add an apostrophe (‘) after plural nouns ending in -s.


Put apostrophes in the correct places in the sentences.

  1. Leonel and Tanisha are Kellys children.
  2. Their mothers name is Jada.
  3. Their parents eyes are blue.
  4. Jessies hair is curly.
  5. Their grandparents names are Caroline and Steven.
  6. The childrens uncle isn’t an actor.
  7. Tanishas brother name is Leonel.


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