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“You need to understand something: when you’re starting with nothing, you will find that your absolute breakthrough opportunities will be developed in two ways:

By the smart use of hashtags, a strategy that requires an unbelievably long grind.

By direct-messaging, i.e., reaching out directly to people and offering something of value in return for their attention, a strategy that requires an unbelievably long grind.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

I told you the story about Nattakul, my student who’s now studying in New Zealand.

Hashtags are incredibly important, but so are collaborations.

“It’s the second one that I believe holds the most promise, which is why, whenever possible, I’ve included instructions on how to collaborate and business-develop within each platform we discuss in this book. Collaborations are the absolutely most tried-and-true way to grow a fan base quickly—quickly being a relative term. In most cases, you should count on this process taking years, not months. If that bothers you, close the book.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

So, when I first started doing my podcasts, I never did collaborations until one day I got a message on Instagram from a stylist in Texas.  That’s been a year.  After that, I had another entrepreneur who was making her own facial cream come onto my podcast and then my main man Mike, who’s another podcaster.

The very compelling podcasts had to be Wodbudsuds, which is a start-up business that makes soap; and Bioquark, a cell-regenerative company.  Teemaree and I had the most heart-felt podcast and I can feel her energy just radiating through my ears.  I’ve interviewed some interesting trainers/CEO’s here in BKK…..but none of them really stuck with me in terms of bringing in their listeners.

HOWEVER, I then made an oath to bring in as many accents as humanly possible onto my ESL podcast.  Now, this is what happened!

I had a 20-year-old student from Libya come on and talk about learning English and traveling to New York.  She wanted her identity to be disclosed because of a few different reasons, but it was a relatively short 15 minute podcast with no sparks.

The first day I had 23 plays.  No big deal.  My Vietnamese friend had a whopping 63 clicks.  However, I remember just yesterday it went up to 40.  No big deal again, right? However, I was teaching one of my students and then it shot up to 78.  I said, “oh, wow! Well that’s interesting! WHy? Who? How?”  Another hour past and it was at 120.  I woke up and it was standing at 220 and now at 260.  Within a day it went up about 240 plays.

Keep in mind that it was just a female student from Libya, but the majority of the world is compelled about it.  Just imagine when I get people on my podcast from Georgia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Mauritius, Tanzania and other places? This is my ULTIMATE GOAL!

So, back to collaborations – THEY’RE IMPERATIVELY IMPORTANT!

“Online, social-media platforms are the mutual friends connecting you to millions of people that share your interest in interior design. Your job is to do the research and find out which would find the most value in your offer and then make your case. I’ll share with you the specific details on how to do this in upcoming chapters, but the general process is essentially the same on each platform: reach out, make an offer they can’t refuse, and get to work producing something that doesn’t make them regret giving you a chance.”

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