Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 30 – International Guest Speaker – Kim Kim of Thailand!

The biggest part of this podcast conversation that stuck with me what, “Arsenio, I began to no longer dream in Thai.  I was dreaming in English.  I was speaking English and people in my dreams were speaking English.”

Wow.  Out of all the inspirational messages I’ve read in books dating back to the early 1900’s, this had the deepest meaning out of everything I’ve ever heard or read.

There are some things we can explain, but once you start dreaming about a language that isn’t your first language, you’re on a whole new level.

When she was young, she hated English.  Her father introduced her to the language and she began to progressively get better.  I’m so proud of her in terms of what she has achieved.  Fast-forwarding to present day and listening to her accent and what she’s doing in life, I’m absolutely enthralled about the person she has become.



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