Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 31 – Vocabulary – Places In A City

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Episode 31 - Vocabulary - Places In A City

There are a number of places in a city, depending on where you live.

For instance, in Las Vegas, there’s not much of anything. HA!

I’m kidding, but it’s true.  There are lots of casinos, bars on the corner, and that’s about it.  We have maybe a miniature amusement park way in the southwest side of town.

We don’t have an aquarium, botanical garden, market, stadium (ok, they’re building an American football stadium, but that’s it), theater, tower (yes, the Stratosphere), or zoo.  Ok, some Las Vegans would say there’s a zoo in the west side, but it’s nothing like real zoos you can see in Cincinnati (yeah, Cincy….pretty crazy, huh?).

Anywho, time to listen to my podcast and hear what kind of places Bangkok, Sydney, Laos, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, and Honolulu has!

Here are some vocab terms.

Amusement Park, Aquarium, Botanical Garden, Market, Stadium, Theater, Tower, Zoo

Want to add to the list?  Comment!


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