Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 32 – Vocabulary Skill – Recognizing Homophones

I’ve already done Homographs, but now it’s time for Homophones!

These are words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently.  When you learn new words, it’s important to be aware of any other words that are pronounced the same way.





Each sentence contains an error with a homophone.  Cross out the wrong word and write the correct one.

  1. A polar bare spends some of its life on the ice. ____________________
  2. Walk threw the park, and then take a right. __________________
  3. You can by four tickets for a dollar at the video arcade. __________________
  4. Let’s meat by the escalator inside the main doors of the mall. ____________________
  5. Hurry to the department store because everything is on sail. ___________________
  6. The new rode to my high school is blocked by snow today. ___________________

Write sentences with the pairs down below.

ad/add       are/eight       guessed/guest       here/hear        right/write       there/their        wait/weight

Additional Pairs

by/buy       for/four      see/sea       son/sun       wear/where


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