Napoleon Hill: Cobwebs Continued

Mental Cobwebs


“1. Negative: (a) feelings, (b) emotions, and (c) passions; (d) habits, (e) beliefs, and (f) prejudices.

2. Seeing only the mote in the other fellow’s eye.

3. Arguments and misunderstandings due to semantic difficulties.

4. False conclusions resulting from false premises.

5. All-inclusive, restrictive words or expressions as basic or minor premises.

6. The idea that necessity forces dishonesty.

7. Unclean thoughts and habits.

8. Fear that it is sacrilegious to use the powers of your mind.

And so you see there are many varieties of cobwebs—some small, some large, some weak, some strong. Yet if you make an additional listing of your own, and then examine the strands of each cobweb closely, you will find that they are all spun by NMA.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

So, let’s break this down from what I’ve experienced.

  1. Beliefs and prejudices are the two cobwebs that have been destroying me for so long.  I’ve always mentioned the story, but how can I finally get rid of the thought? Well, I came across a Bob Proctor video last night and I was absolutely amazed by it. I’m releasing everyone, now, to their highest good.  I’m going to tell you why.  Throwing sand at someone or (trying to kick a dead dog) is only going to come back at you.  If someone is in front of you and you handful of sand, you hurl it at them in strong winds…who’s it going to come back and hit in the face?
  2. Just last week, Childish Gambino, a video called This is America, sent shockwaves all around the world with a lot of anglos being upset about it saying “blacks _______, f*** blacks, you nasty _________.” You name it, it was said.  This is what happens when you don’t see through the other person’s perception…you get trapped in your thinking, thoughts about reality, and then a slew of hate pours out of your pores.  This has you in quicksand.
  3. There was a girl who has been following me quite sometime and has been a proud listener of my podcast…..well we didn’t have a schedule call, but one day she got angry and blew UP: “Excuse me, don’t treat me like Thai people.”  I was perplexed by the entire situation because she wanted to call me and ask about teaching abroad.  We had no schedule and there was a total misunderstanding, but because she reacted the way she did, her messages now go to my spam folder.
  4. Whatever you think you’re abusing, you’re probably right.  Taking all the junk out of your home that you’re abusing is a start.  Unclean Habit #1 – if you THINK you’re addicted to alcohol, why do you have alcohol in your home?

“Ignorance is the result of inertia. That which seems logical to the person who is ignorant of the facts or know-how may be illogical to the man who does know. When you make decisions because you refuse to keep an open mind and learn the truth—that is ignorance. And NMA keeps alive and grows fat on ignorance. Eliminate it! Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude indicates clearly how you can eliminate it.
The man with PMA may not know the facts or have the know-how. He may not understand. Yet he recognizes the basic premise that truth is truth and is not false regardless of his lack of knowledge or understanding. He therefore endeavors to keep an open mind and to learn. He must base his conclusions on what he does know, yet be prepared to change them when he becomes more enlightened.

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.


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