Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 33 – Grammar – So & Neither

I remember when a teacher asked me, “what’s the difference between or/either and nor/neither?” – it’s simple – it’s the ‘n.’

It makes it negative.

However, this isn’t the focus today.


The focus is on so and neither.  There are several ways to express similarity.  Two common examples are so and neither.  Use so if the additional information follows an affirmative sentence.

Mara is here, and so is Jan.

Hassan likes talk shows, and so do I.


Use neither if the additional information follows a negative sentence.

Derek isn’t here, and neither are his parents.

I don’t like sitcoms, and neither does Sam.


Additional Exercise – Circle The Correct Verb

  1. I want to watch this movie, and so does/do my brother.
  2. Olivia loves to have fun, and so does/do her friends.
  3. Dan isn’t interested in sports, and neither am/is I.
  4. I’m crazy about nature documentaries, and so is/are my wife.
  5. Sash isn’t online now, and neither is/are her classmates.
  6. I don’t know own a tablet, and neither does/do my children.



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