Wheel of Life – May Edition: The New Beginning — Again

Whew! So much noise, so many things happening, so many decisions to be made.  On the cusp of what might possibly be a new job, another one emerged.  I’m trying to check and see if these are breadcrumbs and I’m also evaluating every step…but it’s hard to determine.  Moving onto the next one, part-time jobs and madness happened in the Physical Environment side of everything; meanwhile, Fun & Hobbies skyrocketed.

There’s lots to be said, so let’s break this down category by category!

Wealth – 7

This is what happens when you’re a “freelance” teacher.  This is what happens when part-time jobs don’t come through and your monthly earnings take a significant hit.  I guess this leads me to say “this is why I need a full-time job” that guarantees me money.  I can no longer try to make fools happy.  I’ve gone through so many problems, opinions and ignorance with one part-time job, cutting my losses completely and making the decision never to work for ungrateful ass Gen B’s ever again.  Things are becoming now, but as long as I made my monthly expenses and rent for the month, I’m ok until I accept the new job in the coming week.

Career – 10

Hands down…it’s vastly climbing.  I’m going to try and break this down individually.

  • Thailand
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Canada
  • Morocco
  • Ukraine

These are plays on my ESL podcast in the last five episodes.  Remember, it only shows the top 10, there’s no telling what other countries are tuned into my crazy ass ESL podcasts (excited — so excited to see!).

  • 🇺🇸

    United States


  • 2

    Czech Republic


  • 3

    United Kingdom


  • 4



  • 5



  • 6



  • 7



  • 8



  • 9



  • 10



  • 11


    Here are just a handful of countries listening to my personal development podcasts on Soundcloud (third-party hosting site).  My main website is obviously ApplePodcasts, iTunes and other sites that bring in a lot of listeners.  Again, this goes to show how diverse the community is.



Marketing survey is going to be launched (or has already been launched) today for my ESL students who are listening to me from all over the world.  I’m creating plugins for my WordPress website so my students can get downloadable ESL resources and I’m working on getting a monthly subscription going for my website, too.  Email list is coming to send free resources to learners around the globe.

I’m also developing an online course and going to attach some of Napoleon Hill’s Creeds’ to my website so people can recite useful affirmations aloud everyday.  There’s a lot that’s happening in general, and it’s an exciting time to be alive!

Personal Development – 10

Without any doubt in my mind, I’ve realized that I needed to get back on track after my Spartan Race performance.  How did I do that? Ok, I woke up and listened to Terry Crews Advice. “I don’t look at my phone until after my workout and routine.”

Guys, to be honest, I normally wake up and look at my phone right off the back.  because of a horrendous Saturday, I turned off all my notifications and put the apps in different areas.  I leave only the important apps on the main interface.  Everything else I needed to shove aside.  So, on Monday, i woke up and listened to an inspiring video + affirmations.  I wasn’t able to workout because I had business in the morning, but I was still able to bang out a podcast for my personal development and ESL networks.  Wildly successful morning before 6:45am.

On top of that, I’m listening to Bob Proctors “How To Stop Negative Thinking” on a daily basis.  I’ve also been diving into some of Lewis Howes’ podcasts with Jack Canfield because Jack has a lot of useful things to say.  Les Brown for inspiration and of course another YouTube channel to get me going in the morning.  Yes, I still do some reading (because I always write blogs), but I’m making sure I learn as much as possible now.

Health – 7

After a catastrophic failure at my race, I made it up by going on a sugar/candy purge.  I’m not touching sugar for the next XXX amount of days.  As of Sunday, I had a chicken caesar salad and a spicy wrap for breakfast.  Lunch I had Subway – and for dinner I had some rice, chicken, vegetables and an egg.  I’m not playing around anymore.  My weight and what I’m eating reminds of those Australia — eat a blueberry muffin and a bag of candy for breakfast — days.

Fun & Hobbies – 8

I don’t know. I still feel a bit out of touch with fulfilling my fun and hobbies.  Sure, I wen to Singapore, I workout, I do go running and do all of these things I consider living, but I really need to travel on a 4-8 weeks basis.  There’s one job that’s going to provide me that opportunity and the other one won’t.  Decisions, decision.

Romantic Relationships – You Already Know


Friends & Family – 3

Same story….but boy I need reliable and long-lasting relationships. Hard to create them, but then again, if I evaluate if I’m looking in the right neighborhood or not…I’m far from it.

Physical Environment – 10

Now, at the time of writing this, it was a 7.5. However, after going through with the job interview and seeing that my career changed happened just a week after my 30th birthday, I’m fully content with my physical environment.




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