Napoleon Hill: Will You Dare To Explore The Powers of Your Mind?

“You are a mind with a body!”

“Because you are a mind, you possess mystical powers—powers known and unknown. Dare to explore the powers of your mind! Why explore them?
When you make the discoveries that are awaiting you, they can bring you: (1) physical, mental and moral health, happiness, and wealth; (2) success in your chosen field of endeavor; and even (3) a means to affect, use, control, or harmonize with powers known and unknown.
And dare to investigate all non-physical forces lying outside the realm of known physical processes—forces which you can use when you learn how to apply them. And this will not be so difficult for you—no more difficult than turning on a television set for the first time.” – Napoleon Hill

What made Edison, Firestone, Ford, Jobs and others different from you? They’re the same.  IQ test is complete garbage because you can’t measure intelligence to begin with, so if you allow a crippled test to tell you that you’re unintelligent, you’ve already lost.

Honestly, sit back and think about all the ultra-successful people: from Lebron James, to Michael Jordan, to Cristiano Ronaldo.  Are they educated? Well, MJ graduated from UNC, but that did nothing for him.  LeBron and Cristiano are near billionaires (or soon-to-be) and they never attended a college course.  See what I mean?

It’s time to turn the right knob and push the right button so you can power the most amazing electrical machine EVER.

How was this machine called “mind” made? 80 trillion cells.  Each part within the cell has it’s own electrical mechanism.

“And one part is an electrical marvel. Yet it weighs only fifty ounces. Its mechanism consists of over 10 billion cells which generate, receive, record, and transmit energy.
What is this wonderful machine that you own? Your body. You are and will be the same you even though you lose an arm, an eye, or other parts of your body.
And the electrical marvel? Your brain and your nervous system. It is the mechanism through which your body is controlled and through which your mind functions.
And your mind: it, too, has parts. One is known as the conscious, and the other the subconscious. They synchronize. They work together. Scientists have learned a great deal about the conscious mind. Yet it has been less than a hundred years since we began to explore the vast unknown territory of the subconscious—even though primitive man has deliberately used the mystical powers of the subconscious from the beginning of man’s history, and even today the Aborigines of Australia and other primitive peoples do so to a very great extent.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.


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