Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 40 – Grammar – There Is/There Are

There is used when you’re talking about location or the location of something in particular.

There’s a large kitchen in that home.

There are 4000 rooms at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

No, there aren’t any apples left.

There aren’t 150 seats.

Is there a theater in town?

Yes, there is.


Affirmative: There is.

Negative: There isn’t.

Question: Is there

Short answers: Yes, there is.  No, there isn’t.

Plural: Exercise, fill in the four categories below.




Short answers:

Complete the sentences about the room that you are in now.  Use is, are, isn’t, aren’t. 

  1. There ______________ a bed.
  2. There ______________ two mirrors.
  3. There ______________ a balcony.
  4. There ______________ more than 4 pairs of shoes.
  5. There ______________ a clock on the wall.
  6. There ______________ a lamp. 




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