The Reason for My Hiatus

So, it’s been about three days since I did a personal development podcast (for my listeners out there), and some were wondering why I hadn’t done one (because I normally do one a day).  Well, some things happened.

My ESL podcast, which I started in late March, just got an insane amount of plays over this past week.  I see specific podcasts at unforeseen numbers and most of my personal development podcasts, which have been out for more than two years, don’t even have the same numbers.

I was left scratching my head saying, “well, what’s going on?”

As Gary Vee has said, double down on your strengths.  I feel like my ESL podcast has had an exponential amount of growth over the past  couple of months.  My personal development, however, has fluctuated with no significant surplus.  So, it has left me wondering, “my strength is in teaching English, but maybe I’m not giving back that much to my personal development audience.”

So, I had to analyze what was happening, but more importantly, I think I’ve romanticized too much about the numbers.

Since I started my doing personal development, I’ve learned twice as much because I’m teaching what I’ve learned.  It’s for the benefit of not only me, but also my audience.  Also, speaking is part of my life, which then lead me to doing a podcast this morning and really asking myself, “without speaking, I don’t feel alive.  I feel most alive when I’m speaking — period.”

What I’m saying now is don’t let numbers and viewership stop you from what you love to do.

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