Arsenio’s ESL Task #2: Life Skills – Fitness Program

This is a nice little life-skills exercise you can do with a friend.  What I love about this is it gives you the opportunity to share the blog with someone, complete the activity, then share your thoughts together.  Here’s the plan and my example.

Life Task

Take a sheet of paper and write columns for the days of the week.

Complete the timetable with whatever sport or exercise you do in a typical week.  It could be cardio days on Monday & Friday, strength day on Wednesday and Saturday and some rest breaks in between.

If you live in Thailand, it could be the typical badminton at university, swimming after work, or a nice walk/jog in the morning.  The goal is to jot down all physical activity.

For each activity, put how much time you spend on the activity and how much you enjoy it.

Exchange the timetable with a partner.

A. Does your parter do at least one hour a day as recommended by the health organizations?

B. Do they do stamina, strength, and flexibility?

C. Do they do things that they enjoy?

Arsenio’s Daily Routine

Monday: Lab Stronger – This is a routine I do at the Lab BKK every Monday.  Because I do this on Monday’s, I’m normally sore on Tuesday.  If I do a double class on Monday, I’m surely sore on Tuesday, so then I would take off some time on Tuesday and do a difficult cardio workout on Wednesday — this is called Shredded.  On Friday I would focus on mobility, flexibility and muscle groups that I don’t target often.  If I can, I would this at least four times a week and do light cardio on weekends.

Do this with a partner and see what the results are!


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