Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 49 – Pronunciation Skill – The Reduction of OF After Quantifiers

Notice how of is often reduced to /ə/ after quantifiers.

all of my classes                   “all /ə/ my classes”

a lot of my friends               “a lot /ə/ my friends”

none of my classmates       “none /ə/ my classmates”

Listening Exercise

Listen and complete the sentences.  Then practice them.  Reduce the pronunciation of of.

  1. _________________ people celebrate New Year’s Day.
  2. _________________ the students are preparing for that exam.
  3. _________________ her classmates are absent today.
  4. _________________ these photos are of this year’s festival.

2. Complete the sentences so that they’re true for you.

  1. _____________ of my friends like to travel.
  2. _____________ of my classmates are from Thailand.
  3. _____________ of my friends speak Russian.
  4. _____________ of my friends are old.
  5. _____________ of my favorite books are by British authors.
  6. _____________ of my workmates like to watch YouTube.




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