Is A Four-Year Degree Worth It? What’s Education?

First, it was a couple of comments on Gary Vee’s Linkedin, stating that Gary Vee was going over-the-top in terms of his comments about reading books.  He said, “reading is ridiculous.  Stop reading and more action.”

Reading changed my life completely.  I went from being just a color, to being an inspirational figure.  If we dig deep into the context of what’s in books, some of the greatest secrets are revealed.  I had no idea about what Personal Development was before 2016.  After one day and searching a library, where I am now is just remarkable.

So, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but reading, or at least listening to audios, is absolutely essential in growth.  And as a human being, we’re insatiable about growing.

However, we need to shift focus and look at what’s happening from an educational standpoint.

What is education?

Is it your mom saying, “go to school and get a good education! You’ll be successful if you go to university!”  Yeah, 100k in debt and no job offers with your obsolete ass degree.  What am I suppose to tell my daughter and son, if I have one, when they get older? I’ll have to tell them the truth.

Everyone isn’t built to become an entrepreneur because most people can’t take repetitive punches to the face, A.K.A Faiure, but we know working a job is the worst way to earn money…and that’s what education is breeding.

So, here’s my two cents in the podcast down below.

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