Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 8 – Negative Prefixes: un, in, im, ir, il

So, some prefixes can change a word into an antonym, meaning a word that’s the complete opposite.  Here are some examples.

Illegal — Legal

Impossible – Possible

Incorrect – Correct

Informal – Formal

Invisible – Visible

Irregular – Regular

Unhappy – Happy

Unusual – Usual

Choose the correct alternative.

  1. Many common English verbs, such as go, do, and make, have a regular/an irregular past form.
  2. People aren’t usually happy/unhappy when somebody reads their private messages.
  3. ‘A books’ is correct/incorrect English.
  4. You couldn’t see the message.  It was visible/invisible.
  5. ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ which is often used in hotels or email language, is a formal/informal expression.
  6. It is legal/illegal to steal data.
  7. It is possible/impossible to read hundreds of messages in just two minutes.


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