IELTS Speaking Self-Assessment + Podcast & PDF

Here’s a full guide on how you can build everything from your fluency and coherence, to lexical resources, and grammatical range.  All the mechanics of English will be put to the test in order for you to attain your definite chief-aim.  PDF is also available at the bottom with a YouTube link!

1. Fluency & Coherence

a. Do you speak with long pauses while you are thinking of vocabulary and grammar?

b. Do you speak slowly to avoid making long pauses?

c. Are your ideas well-organized? Are they easy to follow by the listener?


2. Lexical Resource

a. Do you use any “high level” words? This means words which are less common.

b. Do you use any phrasal verbs or idioms?

c. Do you use any word combinations (collocation) which are very natural?

d. Do you repeat the same word often because you have no synonym for the word?


3. Grammatical Range & Accuracy

a. Do you make a lot of ‘minor’ errors when you speak? For example, do you make mistakes with plurals and articles?

b. Do you make any ‘major errors’ when you speak? For example, clauses, tenses, and different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)

c. Do you use both simple and complex sentences (conditionals and relative clauses)


Is pronunciation important? YES!

Unclear = IELTS 4 or 5

Clear = IELTS 5 or 6

Clear & natural sounding = IELTS 6 or 7

Headway pronunciation books & audio are available online.  Check and see if they’re available in your local area.


IELTS – Speaking Assessment




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