IELTS Writing Self-Assessment

1.A. Task Response (task 2)

  • Did you answer the question fully? Are there two parts to the question?  Did you write 250 words? Did you stick to the topic?
  • Did you give your opinion clearly? (in the introduction or conclusion AND the topic sentences).
  • Did you develop your points/paragraphs? (using difference sentence types, explanation, reason, result, contrast, concession, example)

   B. Task Achievement (task 1)

  • Did you include an overview? Did you pick out the main features? Did you illustrate your main points with statistics? Did you compare some information?
  • Did you write 150 words?


2. Coherence & Cohesion

  • Did you organize your ideas / paragraphs / sentences logically?
  • Did you connect your sentences linking words and phrases?
  • Did you refer back to earlier ideas by using ‘this’, ‘these’, pronouns and synonyms?

3. Lexical Resource

  • Did you use “higher level’ (less common) words?
  • Did you use formal words?
  • Did you show that you can switch between noun, verb, adjective & adverb?
  • Did you repeat the same words too often?
  • Did you use words which “go together” naturally?
  • Is your spelling accurate?

4. Grammar Range & Accuracy

  • Did you use different tenses? Did you use active and passive voice?
  • Did you use both simple and complex sentences (conditionals and relative clauses)?
  • Did you write error-free sentences? Check your parts of speech.  Check the punctuation, subject, verb agreement, general nouns, articles, etc.

IELTS Writing Assessment


3 thoughts on “IELTS Writing Self-Assessment

  • This is very useful, I have created a tick sheet for my students using the criteria on this so they can use it to check their own work.

    • Agreed, Luke! I’ve realized there are so many things that can be taught to a student to create that inner-coach and inner-voice that questions specific key areas of an essay.

    • Thanks, Luke! That’s exactly how they’ll be able to develop that inner coach, which is needed during the exam. Rather than advising, I like to coach them in establishing the coach within them.

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