Arsenio’s ESL Café: Making Suggestions

Hello, all! For those of you who tune into my ESL podcast, this is going to be similar to what I’ve said on there, but my improvisation and scenarios will be totally different.  Here’s a rundown of what I’ve done before.

Useful expressions to make suggestions and plans.

Asking about somebody’s plans.

  • Are you doing anything (on + day/at + time)?
  • Are you free (on + day/at + time/them)?
  • Do you want to (verb in the infinitive)?

Making suggestions

  • Why don’t we (verb in the infinitive)?
  • Shall we (verb in the infinitive)?
  • Let’s (verb in the infinitive).
  • What about (noun/verb + ing)?

Accepting suggestions

  • Yes, sure/that’s fine.
  • Ok, great.

Rejecting suggestions

  • Sorry, I can’t.
  • Sorry, I’m busy.



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