Napoleon Hill: Learn To See

“When there is something you don’t understand, ask yourself: “Why?” Look at it more closely. You may make a great discovery.

Ask yourself questions. Asking yourself or others questions about things that puzzle you may reward you richly. This very procedure led to one of the world’s greatest scientific discoveries.

A young Englishman, while vacationing on his grand-mother’s farm, was relaxing. He was lying on his back under an apple tree and engaging in thinking time. An apple fell to the ground. This young man was a student of higher mathematics.
“Why does the apple fall to the ground?” he asked himself. “Does the earth attract the apple? Does the apple attract the earth? Does each attract the other? What is the universal principle involved?”

Isaac Newton used his power to think and he made a discovery. To see mentally is to think. He found the answers he was looking for; the earth and the apple attracted each other, and the law of attraction of mass to mass applies to the entire universe.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

I’ve told you before, if you start asking the right questions, the right answers will come.  For instance, I evaluated my being while taking a taxi today.  The taxi driver was mad, angry, abrupt, and rude.  Did that have anything to do with me? Nope. It had everything to do with him.  I asked myself, “is he mad at me? Of course not.  He’s mad at other forces I’m completely unaware of.”  When I asked that question, everything seemed to disperse.

Pilot No. 7

1. Learn to see! Seeing is a learned process. Nine-tenths of seeing takes place in the brain.

2. Four fingers instead of five: this was the symbol whereby George Campbell, the blind boy, could catch and hold a full and happy life. How can you use this symbol?

3. Seeing is learned through association. George Camp-bell’s first sight of his mother became meaningful to him only when he recognized her voice.

4. Is it time to have your mental vision checked? When it is distorted, you can grope around in a haze of false concepts, bumping and hurting yourself and others unnecessarily. Does your mental vision become clearer year by year?

5. Take a look—a good look—and recognize what you see. There may be Acres of Diamonds in your own backyard!”

6. Don’t be nearsighted—look to the future. Cypress Gardens became a reality because Richard Pope saw it as a definite future objective.

7. See another person’s abilities, capacities, and viewpoint. You may be overlooking a genius. The story of Thomas Edison is a good example.
8. Do you see how you can relate and assimilate the principles of Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude into your own life?

9. Learn from nature. How? Ask yourself some questions, as Isaac Newton did. If you don’t know the answers, get expert advice.

10. Convert what you see into reality by action. Mikimoto converted a theory into a fortune in pearls. Goldstone recognized, related, and applied the principles and methods used in hospitals to save human lives as being applicable to saving the lives of oysters in producing cultured pearls.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

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