Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 25: Vocabulary – The Weather

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 25: Vocabulary - The Weather

There’s lots of English vocabulary that describes weather, but here are some of the basics.

First and foremost, let’s talk about how the weather is here in Bangkok.

In Bangkok, we’ve had some mild weather as of late.  It’s normally rainy at this time of year, but since climate change is here, we’re seeing lots of unusual weather patterns.

The stormy days are at a deficit compared to last year, and it’s more warn than it is hot.  It’s hard to tell if it’s foggy sometimes because the pollution, but this happens during the winter.

Nonetheless, Thailand, in general, never sees snowy days or icy roads.  It’s sunny and sometimes windy in this country.

Vocabulary: clouds, cold, dry, foggy, hot, icy, snowy, stormy, sunny, warm, wet/rainy, windy.

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words given.

  1. At the moment, it’s ___________(rain).
  2. It’s very _________________ (sun) here in April.
  3. Yesterday it was ________________(wind).
  4. It’s usually __________________(snow) in the wintry months in Minnesota.
  5. Here in Thailand, we have big summer _______________(storm).
  6. We don’t have much ____________________(fog) here in Bangkok.
  7. It’s ___________________(cloud) here in July.



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