IELTS Speaking – Word Linking

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast
IELTS Speaking - Word Linking

When a word begins with a vowel sound and the previous words ends in a consonant sound, we link the two sounds together in continuous natural speech.  Word linking, which is strongly encouraged, will score you pretty high in your IELTS examination; in addition to that, would make you sound like a native speaker.

Read this paragraph below and please be sure to tune into the podcast so you can hear me enunciate it.


What I like most is the fact that it’s near the coast because I love the sea.  I always try to go there at weekends.  I also think it has good facilities – there’s plenty to do, particularly for young people as there’s a recreation center and swimming pool, a few cinemas, and a massive shopping complex.  One thing I don’t like is that there aren’t many green spaces or parks in general.

Task 2 – Mark the linking in these statements.

a. I’d like to get a chance to join the sports teams as soon as I can.

b. I hope I can take early retirement before I’m sixty.

c. I’d like to start a family when I’m about thirty years old.

d. Next year I’m planning on taking some time off so that I can travel to South America.

e. I’ve always wanted to get a degree in electronic engineering.

f. I can’t afford to take time off unless I can get a job and save up.


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