Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 38 – Building Confidence #2

What’s the WORST that can happen? Ok, someone gets angry because either they don’t understand you, or you don’t understand them.  It happens.  That’s basic human interaction.  However, how you react to the situation is entirely up to you.

Most people have confidence issues because teachers take it away.  I have a Moroccan student, who I’ll be teaching through my website, who told me that her teacher said “you’ll never be able to learn English.”  See? There are outer influences that dictate whether or not we’re able to develop confidence or not.

I remember I repeated a phrase in Thai about five times to a lackadaisical cook (someone who’s just not very good and underperforming on their job), and he (or she…not really sure) made a mockery out of me by repeating the word EXACTLY HOW I PRONOUNCED IT.  I was walked over when I first started speaking Thai.

Another girl, at the concierge desk of a shopping plaza, corrects my every word in Thai.  How do I retort? Well, one…you’re not my teacher.  Two, I don’t care how I sound (for obvious reasons –lol), and three….I get nasty rather quickly if you correct me.  If I want a correct, you can correct me.  If I don’t ask to be corrected, don’t correct me.

Look at every situation as a learning curb.  Either you can reject the idea or accept the idea.  That’s the most critical component of learning the English language.  This is called “what’s the worst that can happen?”


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