Arsenio’s ESL Café: Beginning Blends #1 – fl, tr, gr, fr

Hello, everyone!  I was at work yesterday and we had gone over something very important in class.  The majority of my students, including a young woman who’s from Laos, finds it very difficult to pronouncing different beginning blends.  Also, there are students who can’t read English and pronounce words because they don’t know the sounds of each letter in the alphabet.  So, this is a series for you guys that I will be launching on this ESL podcast café on YouTube (video down below).

So, in this episode, I want to break down four blends, but before I do that, I first want to talk about the sounds.

The SOUNDS of the alphabet must be known first before attempting blends.  My students and students who have learned with other teachers always say, “I’m not sure how to pronounce words and I can’t speak properly.” It’s because you were taught a different way and through YOUR language, forbidding you from learning the real concept of English.

For Example, the word “R” should be pronounced by making a ‘kissing’ gesture.  Instead, my students in Thailand put their tongue to the roof their month and pronounce ‘L.’  This goes for every word that starts with ‘R.’  If I tell them to say “rabbit,” they say “labbit.”

This is what happens when you convert English into your language, rather than learning the actual language in itself.

With that being said, here’s the video for you guys.


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