Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 43 – Grammar – Used To/Didn’t Use To

Used to and didn’t use to can sometimes be confusing, so I decided to make a short blog and podcast about it.

  1. I used to walk to school when I was younger.
  2. They didn’t use to go to the University of Wisconsin.

Rules: We used to talk about about habits in the past. 

Rules: After used to we use the infinitive (present simple).

I used to live in Las Vegas.  Now I live in Bangkok.  Complete the sentences with used to or didn’t use to.

  1. Arsenio _____________ speak Thai all the time.
  2. He _____________travel by bus to work.
  3. He _____________swim in the sea because there isn’t a sea in Las Vegas.
  4. He _____________ to see thousands of people on the Las Vegas Strip.
  5. Because his neighborhood was small, he ______________ know everybody who lived there.
  6. He _____________ wear warm clothes in December.

Task: Complete the sentences that are true for you.  Use used to or didn’t use to.

  1. I ______________ practice English everyday.
  2. I ______________ like drawing and painting.
  3. I ______________ have a mobile phone.
  4. I ______________ read books in English.
  5. I ______________ spend a lot of time at home.
  6. I ______________ spend a lot of time alone.


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