Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 44 – Pronunciation – Voice & Unvoiced Stretching

Hello, everyone! I want to emphasize how the stretch the vowel (voice) versus voiceless sounds.  Many of my students still have difficulty with producing the voice sounds compared to voiceless, so here’s an exercise for you!

  /p/                          /b/

Lap                         Lab

Rope                      Robe

Cap                         Cab


  /t/                             /d/

Wheat                    Weed

Cart                         Card

Spent                      Spend


/k/                                /g/

Back                          Bag

Pick                           Pig

Buck                         Bug



  1. Lap or lab
  2. Rope or robe
  3. Cap or cab
  4. Spent or spend
  5. Cart or card
  6. Back or bag
  7. Buck or bug
  8. Ross or Roz


  • Run a ____________ around the track.
  • Pull the __________ to bring up the materials.
  • It’s hot outside today. I’m going to wear a ________.
  • Have you __________ all of the money?!
  • Grab the ________, we’re going to need it today for the groceries.  It’ll be too heavy to carry.
  • I’m going __________ to the office later today.
  • There’s a ___________ on my shirt! Get it off!
  • Have you ever shopped at __________? It was a clothing store in America back in the early 2000’s.


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