Arsenio’s ESL Blog: Special Segment – TOEFL IBT Speaking Practice

Welcome to my blog, everyone! For those of you who are returning, welcome back. For those of you who are new here, welcome to my first ever TOEFL IBT speaking practice.

Although TOEFL IBT is becoming more obsolete (IELTS is replacing it), I figured I could give some guidance to some of you students out there who are studying it.

One of the speaking tasks on the TOEFL iBT often involves talking about an important person, place, or experience in your life.  To do well on this task, you may need to describe or narrate in the past tense and use -ed endings.

Because I’ve made a podcast on using -ed endings, or two, this could also help with you renunciation and repetition. So be sure to tune into the podcasts in the blue worded links above.

What I want you to do is to get a timer, stopwatch or anything, preferably on your phone.

Question: Talk about a person outside your family who has had the most influence on your life.  Provide details to support your choice.

Persona’s name:

Person’s background:

How/when you met this person:





  • It will take about 45 seconds to record your response.
  • Listen to your recording (or send it to me on My Facebook page) and monitor -ed endings.
  • For more practice, answer the same question bu discuss a person in your family, book, travel, experience or anything that has had the biggest influence on your life.

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